BE FULLY PRESENT, LIVING IN THE MOMENT! – Brian Allison is a spiritual counsellor and life coach. He specializes in marriage counselling, couples and relationship counselling, family counselling, individual counselling, bereavement counselling, and life coaching. He is also the creator of the motivational modality called Hypnenergy, a revolutionary new technology of personal transformation that results in significant improvement in the overall health of one’s spirit, mind, and body. This new energy science may be much more effective than various psychotherapy.

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Counselling Services in Toronto (marriage counselling, couples counselling, individual counselling)

Maranatha Counseling is a Christian business providing professional coaching and counselling, indiscriminately and respectfully, to anyone in the Greater Toronto Area. We welcome people from all faiths, backgrounds, mand walks of life. Owner and spiritual counsellor, Brian Allison, has over 40 years of professional and clinical experience, and has been counselling in Toronto for 20 years.

Maranatha Counseling Services offers qualified and professional counselling and coaching (backed by years of experience) to those who are dealing with emotional, spiritual, family, or relationship issues. We offer our services to people of all faiths, worldviews, and backgrounds (not pushing any particular faith or brand of religion, but respecting your personal belief system); and specialize in individual counselling, marriage counselling, couples counselling, and grief counselling. Going through a separation or divorce? Experiencing stress at work? Feeling depression or anxiety over a relationship or some difficult situation? Dealing with the death of a loved one? Struggling with an unhealthy habit or sin? Lost your way in the world? Feeling worthless and unloved? Battling with some addiction? Whatever your personal issue or problem, you don’t need to suffer alone. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area and are looking for a therapist who can make a real difference, we can help. Please give us a call for counselling support.

Brian Allison is also a personal life coach. Check out his other website: Focused Life Coaching & Empowerment


Some good books worth reading, as recommended by Dr. Allison:

1. THE POWER OF NOW – Eckhart Tolle 

2. THE NEW EARTH – Eckhart Tolle

3. THE FOUR AGREEMENTS: A Practical  Guide To Personal Freedom – Don Miguel Ruiz 

4. THE UNTETHERED SOUL: The Journey Beyond Yourself – Michael J. Singer

5. TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE: An Old Man, A Young Man, And Life’s Greatest Lesson – Mitch Albom


7. DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL – St. John of the Cross

8. CONFESSIONS – St. Augustine


10. PEOPLE OF THE LIE – M. Scott Peck


12. ENCHANTED LOVE: The Mystical Power Of Intimate Relationships – Marianne Williamson


Disclaimer: Though Brian Allison has completed doctoral studies (DMin) in the area of counselling, he is not “providing or offering to provide, in Ontario, health care to individuals” (Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 S.O. 1991, c. 18, s. 33 (1)). Furthermore, Brian Allison does not hold himself “out as a person who is qualified to practise in Ontario as a psychologist or psychological associate or in a specialty of psychology” (Psychology Act, 1991 S.O. 1991, c. 38). He is qualified to offer spiritual and motivational services.


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